You have the choice to make payments by debit card, checking account or savings account.

If you made a payment from a savings account, and your payment was returned due to a "non-payment account" or "non-transactional account," then the most likely explanation is due to a federal regulation: Regulation D of the Federal Reserve Board.

Regulation D places a limit of six (6) withdrawals or outgoing transfers per month from all savings accounts and money market accounts. This means that once the transaction limit has been reached, banks are required by federal law to halt any further outgoing transactions. As a result, if you make a transaction from a savings account, after a certain point the account becomes a “non-transactional account” and you will receive returns for transactions attempted from the account.

If you would like more information on why your payment was returned, we suggest you follow up with your bank directly to obtain the exact details.

Please be aware that you will be charged a $15 fee for returned or failed payments (electronic (ACH) payment error). For more information about our bank partner’s fee schedule, please consult your credit builder account documents.