Yes you can! Refer a friend to Self Lender and you’ll earn $10 after they complete their first successful Credit Builder Account payment. 

Here’s how it works: 

  1. Log into your Self Lender dashboard to find your unique referral URL. 

  2. Spread the word and share your unique referral URL with your friends and family. 

  3. Earn $10 for each friend or family member who signs up for a Credit Builder Account AND successfully makes his or her first Credit Builder Account payment.

Self Lender Referral Program Guidelines:

The Self Lender refer a friend program is intended to be a way for you to invite your personal friends, family members, and acquaintances to enjoy the benefits of the Self Lender credit builder account, and be rewarded for your referrals. Whenever and wherever you refer Self Lender under the Program, any statements you make about Self Lender must be:

  • Truthful

  • Accurate

  • Reflect your honest beliefs, and

  • Be free of misleading statements

When referencing Self Lender, you may only use the language and links provided to you in your account dashboard. Any modification or efforts to modify the delivery and accurate presentation of the referral link, content, or other materials and instructions provided by Self Lender will be considered a violation of these terms.

Referral Audience:

  • You may not take out ads on behalf of Self Lender, or use the Self Lender logo or likeness without written approval from the Self Lender team.

Violations and Bonuses:

  • Any violation or abuse of this program may result in the forfeiture or reversal of a referral bonus. You may also be deemed to be ineligible for future referral bonuses.

  • Self Lender reserves the right to limit, cancel, or revoke referral bonuses at its sole discretion.